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Hello, first of all thank you for visiting this blog.  So what are my credentials for writing it and my crime novels? Only one really. My family were well known South London petty villains who ran with the Richardsons from time to time and the late-night knock at the door was quite a regular occurrence in our house. At this point I have to quickly say that I didn’t pursue that career path. Tempted yes, but managed to stay on the straight and narrow although I used to clean the South London gang leaders ‘The Richardson Brothers’ cars on a Saturday for half a crown when I was about 10. So I suppose I probably benefited from the proceeds of crime!! In those days  I was around the ‘diamond geezers’ and the ‘rozzers’ who chased them a lot of the time and hope my memories of their little escapades gives the blog pages and my books a bit of added originality.  One of my readers, a now long retired DS, even reckons he can spot who some of my fictional characters are based on. Well, if they are it’s not intentional. I hope you enjoy the biogs of the ‘diamond geezers’ and their escapades, and yes, it’s all factual ( except the Palmer books) and if you’ve anything you think will add to it please contact me. Please leave comments if you wish. Don’t forget to click on the ‘follow’ button at the base of this page to get updates and news of the books and me via email.



The first two DCS Palmer books  Future Riches & The Felt Tip Murders are free to download as ebooks to your PV, Kindle or iPad until Jan 5th, 2020 so have a look, you may get hooked on the series! I hope!!! 😉  download here…click on buy from Amazon for previews




April 20th two-hour chat on N Manchester radio with Hannah Kate in her Bookshelf program. Loved it, the lady is a star interviewer and took me through the early years right up to date she is a natural for TV and radio and has a great career ahead of her I’m sure. The response has been good for sales. If you want to hear it ( some good music too) played too) click copy and paste this. Play Hour 1 first.

March 1st 2019

DS Palmer book 8, Takeaway Terror out now, ebook and paperback.

February 3rd

Just done an interview with Corinium Radio, find it here if you want to hear me rabbitting on!

Dec 27th 2018

DCS Palmer book 8 going to the editors next week.

Dec 24th 2018

To all who read these pages, a very happy Xmas and prosperous New year!! And thank you!

Dec 1st

Take a look at Channel 5 UKNarcos epsiode 2 ‘ The London Gangs’ on Catch up or My5. It’s about the Adams Family and has a contribution from me. Or click through here…


November 24th

Just had confirmation that I’m booked for the Bristol Crime Fest. next year on the indie crime panel. Also on the Evesham Lit. Festival crime panel and I will be at the Hawksbury Lit. Fest. as well.

TV Series ‘Narcos UK’ now on C5 on Mondays at 10pm, I am in one, will post here when I know the date.

October 4th

Just got the Amazon page read numbers through for the Palmer books for September, 36,567 pages read on Kindle KOL and KU. That is on top of the books sold. Seems the old bugger is getting popular! A big thank you to you readers!


DCS Palmer book 7, Burning Ambition, out now on e-books. £1.99 and paperback £4.99

What is behind the murder of three prisoners in a security van on their way from court to jail? How did one of the prisoners get substituted on the way and why is a family of one of them wiped out? What did they know that had to be kept secret? DCS Palmer and the team find a wall of silence and a major crime family intent on one last major heist that would eclipse all others. An old adversary from Palmer’s early days in CID shows his hand and bit by bit the team piece together the clues. Then just when it seems all over and ready to file in the ‘solved’ drawer Palmer finds something that blows it all open again leading to the major end twist. As usual with Palmer, his wife and nemesis neighbour Benji both have an input to the proceedings.


DCS Palmer book 7, ‘Burning Ambition’ came back from my beta readers with good comments and is now at the Editor’s and proof readers. Aiming to publish for September.

Just recorded a TV programme for ITN Productions about the major UK criminal families, scheduled for transmission in December. Will post here when date is confirmed.

June 2018

Amazon have now started to advertise my books on their UK site below similar crime genre titles so anybody buying a Val McDermid or Ian Rankin book might possibly see one of mine advertised on the page. Be interesting to see what sales come from it.

APRIL 2018

Book 7 well underway and involves the springing of a prisoner from a prison van leaving court and a big robbery planned at the Royal Mint in Wales.

Have been invited to be on the Crime Author Panel at the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival  Saturday 21st April and do a Palmer reading later that day. Come and say hello if you are attending.

MARCH 2018

All the books are being re-edited by Dan Gooding at Zedolus Proofreading after I’ve done my usual updates. ( do them on all the books every 6 months, add a bit, change a bit…typical author…never happy!)


Just got the page reads for December through from Amazon…18,340 pages read on Kindles. Thank you!  Now it will fall off a cliff in January!


palmer arrest


Justin Palmer started off on the beat as a London policeman in the 1964 and is now Detective Chief Superintendent Palmer running his own serial murder squad from New Scotland Yard.

Not one to pull punches, or give a hoot for political correctness if it hinders his inquiries, Palmer has gone as far as he will go in the Met. And he knows it. Master of the one line put down and slave to his sciatica  he can be as nasty or as nice as he likes.

The mid 1990’s was a time of re-awakening for Palmer as the Information technology revolution turned forensic science, communication and information gathering skills upside down. Realising the value of this revolution to crime solving, Palmer co-opted  Detective Sergeant Gheeta Singh, a British Asian onto his team. DS Singh has a degree in IT and was given the go ahead to update Palmer’s department with all the computer hard and software she wanted. Most of which she wrote herself, and some of which is, shall we say, of a grey area when it comes to privacy laws and accessing certain databases!

Together with their small team of officers and one civilian computer clerk called Claire and nicknamed ‘JCB’ by the team ,because she keeps on digging, they take on the serial killers of the UK.

On the personal front Palmer has been married to his ‘princess’, or Mrs she is known to everybody, for nearly thirty years . The romance blossomed after the young DC Palmer arrested most of her family who were a bunch of South London petty villains in the 60’s. They have three children and eight grandchildren, a nice house in Dulwich and a faithful dog called Daisy.

Gheeta Singh lives alone in a fourth floor Barbican apartment having arrived on these shores as part of a refugee family fleeing from Idi Amin’s Uganda . Her father and brothers have built up a good computer parts supply company in which it was assumed Gheeta would take an active role on graduating from University. She had other ideas on this, and also on the arranged marriage her mother and aunts still try to coerce her into. Gheeta has two loves, police work and technology, and thanks to Palmer she has her dream job.

Combining the old ‘coppers nose’ and ‘gut feelings’ of Palmer with the modern IT skills of DS Singh the two make an unlikely, but successful team. All their cases involve multiple killings and twist and turn through red herrings and hidden clues alike keeping the reader in suspense until the very end.

There are six books  completed and all are just £1.99 as e-books…what a bargain!!

You can get them to download here or read the reviews…. just click here>

…and if you do read one please leave a review I always like to know what the reader thinks.

Take care.

Some Amazon reviews……

5 stars  The Sweeney meets CSI! Review by Little Redon 13th February 2017. Kindle edition.

Loot is one in a series of the fictional DCS Palmer collection of books, protagonist Palmer is a bit of a dinosaur and he has gone as far as he can with the Met so you feel the character has nothing to lose. Faulkner drags him into the 21st century teaming him up with some razor sharp females… a kind of Sweeney meets CSI!

Loot is really easy to slip into and fits comfortably in the popular crime genre; it will make a good holiday read and has some great characters. Faulkner cut his teeth as a scriptwriter and it’s evident in his writing style which is slick and sets a fast pace for the narrative, the chapters are short but it’s the characterization when his scriptwriting roots shine through, lots of attention to detail, he really does bring them to life.

Faulkner is the son of a well-known South London villain, adding a touch of authenticity to his brand, it’s also an interesting back story to the author himself. It is clear the DCS Palmer books are a labour of love for their author. If you are a fan of crime fiction it’s a decent read.

A great read with a gripping story and interesting character development

By  Chris on February 21, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition| Verified Purchase

I’m With The Band

I’ve read all Faulkner’s books and have enjoyed them so much I decided I ought to post a review on at least one so here goes. The scene is set from the start with an ageing rock star on stage wondering why he puts himself through the rigors and pain of touring when his fellow band members are one by one going up to the great arena in the sky. But the band’s manager is convinced that they are being sent there by a killer with a grudge from the past. Detective Palmer, trying hard to avoid being retired, is sceptical, his young Detective Sergeant Gheeta Singh isn’t and takes a look into the Police files on the deaths which she thinks maybe suspicious. At the same time Faulkner introduces us to the killer and we see the story from his angle as well as Palmer’s. The case takes off when the band’s manager himself is killed in full sight of CCTV cameras and the killer is saying ‘ catch me if you can’ to Palmer via social media. The juxtaposition between ‘old school’ Palmer and his competent DS Gheeta Singh, a state of the art IT expert, is well crafted and the characters are so well written you feel you know them personally. The plot races along as the chase unfolds with the last band member an obvious target for the killer who keeps one step ahead of Palmer until the final showdown at the packed NEC Arena. The trade mark final twist from Faulkner caught me out and I liked the sub plots of his neighbour Benji and his boss AC Bateman running parallel with the main story. Of course the usual down to earth Mrs P. his no nonsense wife, and her burnt cheese mousaka had me laughing! A good read and well recommended.

LOOT four star

Really Realistic!

At the end of reading this book I wondered if I had been reading about actual events? Faulkner’s own past has certainly brought his writing about the criminal fraternity and their pursuers into a real genre all his own. Set in the present day like all this series it opens with the Met. Forensic department calling in Palmer and his team when two bodies appear in the same type of plastic bag but hundreds of miles apart. Is there a link? Of course there is. The clues lead the team into the murky world of bent auctioneers, hard baked gangsters and even harder baked gangster’s girlfriends.  The links go back to the Brinks Mat gold heist and even further back to looted Nazi war treasure. Along the way the body count rises and an eminent MP gets into the act. The narrative of ‘old school’ Palmer being dragged into the high tech age of IT and computers by his Detective Sergeant Gheeta Singh is well observed as is his and her different home lives. I like Palmer’s nemesis, his gay neighbour Benji who the local ladies of the WI love so much and the way the home sub plots run alongside the main one. It’s fast, it’s realistic and it’s one to download and enjoy.


more reviews on Amazon…..

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